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What’s happening in July?


Swami Beyondananda – "Chance of a Laugh-Time"

 Wednesday, July 11- 7:00p 

 Swami Beyondananda - 7/11 Chance of a Laugh-Time
Bridge Event CenterGarden CityID
6200 N Garrett St

Boise ID  83714
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The Swami For Precedent Evening (in a presidential year ) is a hilarious and inspiring evening of cosmic comedy. We will experience One Big Intent…of open-hearted levity. Come share in the glee and joy, the wisdom and the laughter…and experience what we not only create together but carry with us maybe forever. 

For those new to Swami, you are in for a surprise. His second set is a Q & A from you. Bring a question for the Swami to answer. He will mystify, unify and funify an answer!
Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at door and available at Dunia Marketplace or online at Buy Swami Tickets here

A part of the proceeds will benefit Dunia Marketplace and Corpus Christie House.

Welcome to July!  

We hope you are all having a wonderful summer.
Being in Boise's Historical Hyde Park at this time of year is refreshing and fun as we see the entire area come alive!  We enjoy sharing fair trade stories with local Boisean's, Idahoan's, and people from around the world, many who aren't familiar with Fair Trade or want to learn more. We also receive 100's of visitors who have mapped our store specifically because they have devoted some part of their life to fair trade, whether coffee, chocolate, or gifts, they enjoy spreading awareness for this vital social movement!  Some folks even sign on to volunteer with us.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of our store! If you are interested in learning about how to become a volunteer and spread the word about Fair Trade, please vist our website and fill out an application.
Hope to see you in Hyde Park.

Click to learn more >>>  VOLUNTEER AT DUNIA!