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Events News

Welcome Treefort!

March 2015 Happenings and Sales:

Welcome music lovers! All musical instruments are 20% off: singing bowls, shakers, rattles, drums, whistles and thumb pianos in honor of Tree Fort!


Want to freshen up your Easter table for Spring? All tablecloths are 30% off through Sat April 4th.


Ukrainian Easter egg dyeing Saturday March 28th 11am-5pm. Drop in and create a work of art on an egg!


We will be closed Easter Sunday, April 5th, and back open on Monday April 6th.



November News

Dunia Marketplace is proud to be an active member of both a global AND local community. Our goal is to continue to share with the Community through “Community Shopping Events”.

Let us help your organization grow by holding a fundraising event at our store and in our courtyard.

What Are FAIR TRADE Community Shopping Events?

Imagine a fund raiser where planning includes only invitations and refreshments!

Community Shopping Events are an exciting way Dunia Marketplace is able to donate funds to other local nonprofits, community organizations, and school groups. In addition to easing the stress of event planning, Community Shopping Events are a way to raise funds while supporting adult fairly paid artisans, around the world and in Idaho.

How, When, Where? Organizations reserve a date where the store will be open beyond regular store hours. They invite their supporters, friends, family, staff, volunteers, members, etc. to come and shop. The larger amount of guests, the larger the fundraiser. Plan to offer light refreshments to guests as a thank you for their support. Weather permitting, Dunia Marketplace will light our courtyard fire pit and roast marshmallows! (Coffee, Marshmallows and sticks provided!) Our staff members help your guests while sharing stories about the mission of Dunia Marketplace, and stories for each craft. Organizations receive a 15% donation from the evening sales. Your group will choose if the event will be open to the public or private. (Public event: you may share your group’s info and collect donations)





  • Apply now! Dunia Marketplace is able to host 1-2 events a month.
  • Invite us to speak at your organization before you event to excite potential guests.
  • Set up a Dunia Marketplace table, so people may see and touch the items before the event.
  • Create a BUZZ about the event through word of mouth, mailers, emails, posters, and more! We are always happy to brainstorm with you.
  • Share the talents within your organization. Is there someone who could play music? Bake cookies etc.?
  • Choose an evening that does not conflict with other events that your supporters will want to attend.

African Culinary Heritage and Integration Conference

Friday, November 14, 8:30-5:30 pm
Boise State Student Union Building, Simplot and Jordan Ballroom

Saturday, November 15, 4:30-10:30 pm
The Powerhouse Events Center, 621 S. 17th St

Food, a common denominator between people and an expression of cultural richness, takes on many dimensions in a cross-cultural context. The African Culinary Heritage and Integration Conference at Boise State University presents African food as a lens into Pan-African heritage, culture, influence and well-being on the African continent and among African peoples across the globe, including in Idaho.

This event will unite scholars, local chefs and food growers, and community members in examining the place of food in cultural interchange, economic growth and mental well-being, with a particular focus on the refugee and immigrant community. Dunia Marketplace will have a table at the conference, showcasing the items we sell from the African continent, and explaining the role fair trade plays in developing communities.

On November 15, the event wraps up with an African Feast encompassing a number of traditional and contemporary African dishes, at the Powerhouse Event Center, 621 S. 17th St., Boise from 4:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. It is open to the community with a requested donation of $25.00. Funds raised will support proposals from local entrepreneurs who wish to share their talents at the Boise International Market. Make a donation and reserve your tickets here.