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January 15, 2012 Posted by Ryan in News

End of the Year 2011

Thank you for being a part of our World  in 2011

While looking forward to a brand new year, we also glance back and count our blessings.

In 2011 Dunia Marketplace:
  • Organized and staffed 11 off-site fair trade markets and events. (Thanks for hosting us!)
  • Held 5 Community Shopping Events, raising over $1000 for community organizations.
  • Hosted field trips and spoke in class rooms about fairly trading.
  • Sold approx. 600 Local non-profit / refugee hand-crafted items.
  • Told their fair trade story, and supported 1000's of artisans and farmers in 35 countries (125 artisan groups).
  • Logged 1491 Volunteers hours!!
  • Retained an active roster of 25 store Volunteers,  and 6 very active Volunteer Board Members!
  • Worked with and trained over 50 Volunteers to work in our store and at events
  • Booked 2 local Farm groups ( Morning Owl Farm and Create Common Good) to sell produce and more in our courtyard on Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Received a $1000 grant from The Boise Rotary.
  • Received donations from the Northend Mennonite Felowship, the art collective Bosco, Art Source Gallery, Fitness Revolution, and individuals.
  • Organized a pet food donation drive in Hyde Park for the Idaho Humane Society Pet Food Pantry.
  • AND welcomed 1000's of visitors to our store from around the world =  YOU!

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January 11, 2012 Posted by Ryan in News

Dunia Marketplace is Under Construction

Dunia Marketplace will be under construction for a few more days while we transfer the server to a new host. The blog posts will be updated with the newest information soon. Thanks for looking us up and stay tuned!
March 21, 2011 Posted by Ryan in News

Artisans4Hope helps refugees living in Idaho acquire skills

Artisans4Hope helps refugees living in Idaho acquire skills, livelihoods in a tough economy

Fabric, sewing machines, and women at work crowd tables in an airy space on Idaho Street.

The banter is a mix of Nepali, Uzbek, French and slowly, more and more English, as people pass tools back and forth, hold up finished items to be admired, or consult over a pattern.

Mastoureh Tashkin, a former refugee from Afghanistan, is among the women (and a few men) who come each week to be part of Artisans4Hope. The nonprofit, volunteer-run project has three missions: helping refugees learn English, integrating them into the community, and most pressing, helping them make money.

Tashkin, a tall, elegant woman, takes the bus Downtown from home, where she and her three children live with a sponsor. She shares the plight of many in the Valley, refugee and otherwise. She can't find a job, andhas a family to support.

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