As a thank you to you! We are extending our HUGE January sale until the end of the month!

Start your holiday buying for next year, or decorate for the new year!

  •  25-50% off all Holiday items,including Nativities
  •  30% off LAMPS
  •  25% off all HOME DECOR

We hope to see you soon! Even for a HELLO! It gets a little lonely in January after all the holiday fun…..

Wow! Farewell to 2012 – What a year. Thanks to all of you who inspired us to work harder than ever for fairly paid adult workers. From our very first fundraiser "Savor The World" , our off site events and fair trade markets in Boise, McCall,  Eastern,  and Southwestern Idaho, to our very last customer on New Years Eve, thanks for lifting up the artisans and those who work so hard to ensure a life filled with dignity and hope. Many of our global artisans give one answer when asked what they will do with the money they have made: "Education for our Children". This answer drives us to persevere for justice and change,  as all children should have free and public education! The more workers who are paid fairly, the more hope we can bring to "our" world. Globally and Locally.

We created new connections this year too! We became partners with Full Circle ExchangeRosebill Satha and her company Jards Products  in Malawi. We furthered our connections with the wonderful Artisans 4 Hope, whose handmade creations sold off the shelves during the holiday's! 
Usful Glassware (formerly Sustainable Futures) has become a staple item in our retail store! The beads from The Dorcas Widow Group in Uganda just keep getting lovelier and brighter. **A metaphor for what we hope to create in your life,  as you commit to fair trade products and awareness!

The loudest high five goes to our volunteer's and hard working board member's, whom without,  we could not do this. 
Their belief in our mission is so strong and inspiring; every single one of them goes above and beyond for fair trade

And finally, we sadly said farewell to our longtime Volunteer Coordinator Leonise Yates, who for seven (7!) years has been the heart of fair trade in Hyde Park Boise. She has trained 100's of volunteers and told artisans' stories to 1000's of people all over Idaho. We wish her luck on her next chapter, which includes grand babies!

Look out 2013! Because all of us at Dunia Marketplace, resolve to create  further partnerships, programs, outreach and awareness for Fair Trade in the New year!

  " Culture * Community *Connections"

With Kindness and Gratitude,
Becky West, your most humble Director and band leader at Dunia Marketplace  

Mission:  To provide vital, fair income to artisans by selling their handicrafts and telling their stories.

Fair and Local – Fair and Local – Fair and Local

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