The wait is finally over!

We couldn’t host our International Gift Sales this year so we looked for other ways to bring a world of handcrafted, fair trade gifts to you. And, after months of dedication and hard work, we are so excited to announce our


But we are the first to admit we are new at this.  If there are things you love, please let us know.  If your experience is not so great definitely let us know.  We are a work in progress, learning as we go and we want your experience to be great!

What does it mean to buy fair trade?

  • Fair trade creates opportunity for economically and socially marginalized producers.
  • It allows producers to set their own prices and get paid in full and upfront for their work. 
  • Jobs are developed near to or at home which means artisans can take care of their families while they work.
  • No child is exploited to make goods.
  • Makers work in safe conditions.
  • The environment is supported through the use of sustainable materials or through recycling and upcycling readily accessible materials.
  • Fair trade re-invests locally to address community identified priorities, such as education, health, and housing. As a result of Covid19, these re-investments have shifted to working with artisans and community leaders to provide food and medical supplies.
  • Fair trade expands the market for items made by traditional methods, helping to sustain culture and community knowledge, often reinvigorating arts that are at risk of disappearing.  This is part of what makes these products so special. Each item has a story behind it. (Where possible we have shared videos links so that you can learn more about the techniques, history and cultural significance behind a piece.)

We hope you enjoy our online catalog

If you can’t find what you were looking for, E-mail us!  We are still adding items so we may have what your looking for in our brick and mortar store in Boise.  And if we don’t have it we’ll try to order it!

Note: Curbside Pick-up is available and our store in Boise is open.  Our hours are Tue-Fri, 11am-6pm and Sat-Sun, 10am-6pm. Or by appointment. We are closed on Mondays. 

Thank you for supporting fair trade!

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