This summer Art Source Gallery is breaking the mold, where in downtown Boise art only happens on the 1st Thursday of each month, and is initiating a summer series of art events to be held on 3rd Fridays. While the Gallery will continue to host its traditional 1st Thursday openings, the collective creative spirit of its 40+ artist members feel it is high time to mix it up a bit.

Each of the three events of the summer series is about seeing art as it is actually being created, and allowing the public to witness the process. Art work created at these events will be available for purchase by silent auction as the pieces are created; proceeds will go to Dunia Marketplace, the Gallery’s partner charity for the three summer events.

Friday, June 17th, the Gallery will roll out the series with its “Iron Artists” event, which is neither about artists welding towers of iron, nor about artists lifting heavy weights. Instead, based roughly on the Iron Chef television series, each participating artist will be given a box of miscellaneous parts and pieces of various treasures and sundry junk, and will have 90 minutes in which to create a piece of assemblage art. While each of the participating artists, Jaki Katz, Kathy Vinson, Alan Giltzow, Jerry Hendershot, Kay Seurat and a guest artist from Dunia Marketplace will receive approximately the same ingredients, the results will prove surprisingly unique.

Friday, July 15th, art patrons will witness a collaborative artistic technique invented by Surrealist artists in the 1920’s, and known as the “Exquisite Corpse”. In this case, no corpses are involved but the artwork is often exquisite. Artists (to be announced) will work with a variety of collage and paint materials, and will have 30 minutes each to start a piece. Art pieces will then be passed on in 30 minute intervals, so that each artist will have a hand in every one of final products.

Friday, August 19th wraps up the summer with a more traditional but still spontaneous venture, a Quick Draw, in which artists complete a piece of art within a two-hour span. Artists (to be announced) will each create in their chosen medium for 2 hours, giving the viewers yet another insight into the creative process.

Each 3rd Friday event will be held from 6 to 9 pm, with music, beer and wine provided by local artists, wineries and breweries. All art created at these events will be available for purchase by silent auction, with proceeds to be donated to Dunia Marketplace, a not-for-profit Fair Trade store located at 1609 N. 13th Street, Boise.

For more information: Art Source Gallery Fundraiser

Art Source Gallery is an artist-owned company which has been presenting their unique talents to the Boise community since November, 1993.


Marianne Konvalinka

Kay Seurat

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